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forming disciples of Jesus

At the conclusion of his earthly ministry, Jesus said, “go and make disciples.” The Greek word for “make” is the same word to describe a potter shaping or forming a piece of clay into a pot. Christian communities, then, need to be environments for the shaping, or forming, of Jesus-followers. All that we do at Grapeview is intended to “make disciples.”


Most of us have already been formed by the society and culture around us – to be self-interested consumers. The call to follow Jesus is a calling to an alternative way of being and acting, a conversion to a forgiving, grace-filled, self-less, orientation toward others. This “transformed worldview” does not happen naturally, a rival formation is required. At Grapeview we want to invite each person to enter into relationship with God through Jesus and create an environment for growth, transformation and service.

Christian Formation

As a church community within the Methodist family, at Grapeview we believe that Christian growth and development (formation) requires intentionality. We want to be intentional in developing Jesus-followers who love God and love their neighbor. We actively encourage the development of attitudes and practices that aid both inner and outward growth.

Making Connections

We invite you to enter into life with us through involvement in your nearest CONNECT Group. Build friendships, connect Scripture to everyday life, pray together, share life together.

Missional Engagement

The God of Christian Scriptures desires to recover relationship with all human beings.  As a church community we are called to be an agent of reconciliation. We point people to relationship with God, our loving Creator, through salvation and healing that is offered freely in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. As a faith community we are compelled to live out, to demonstrate, and to communicate this good news to all.

Community Life

Jesus said, "they will know you are my disciples by the love you have for one another." At Grapeview we intentionally work at building a welcoming, including and caring community. This involves proactive approaches to creating an accepting environment for people of all cultures. Meals together and social interaction in course of congregational life build relationships and break down barriers. We also seek to provide care for those who are sick among us, for our shut-ins, and others who need assistance from time to time. 


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