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REv. Dan Sheffield | Lead Pastor

Dan came to lead our congregation in 2017, following 15 years serving as part of the National Leadership Team of The Free Methodist Church in Canada. Dan is passionate about equipping disciples and congregations for ministry in our post-Christian society. He has a Masters degree from McMaster University and is an adjunct lecturer at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto.

Dan's early years were spent in the rugged landscape of Northern Ontario, before moving as a teenager to rural eastern Ontario. He completed a BA in Biblical Studies at Providence College, near Winnipeg, before he and his wife Kathy set out to explore the world, specifically Egypt and South Africa. They were involved in theological education, church planting and community development. Since then Dan has spent extensive time in other parts of Africa and Asia providing leadership development and coaching national ministry leaders.

Dan has been married to Kathy for more than 30 years and they have two adult children, Jamila and Jared (& Seanna).


Dan has written two books: The Multicultural LeaderConversations That Change Us.

His academic writing can be found here:  https://tyndale.academia.edu/DanSheffield

Dan blogs here: https://sheffield.typepad.com/dansheffield/ 

tyler mcalister | assistant pastor

Tyler began his journey with Grapeview back in 2013 when he attended the church while studying at Brock University for 3 years. After 4 years away studying at Tyndale University in Toronto and working at another church, Tyler has returned. Tyler joins us as our Assistant Pastor for Christian Formation. Tyler is passionate about working with teens, kids and young adults establishing connections, building relationships and being able to teach.


Tyler grew up all across Canada, spending his early years in Saskatchewan and British Columbia before settling in Northern Ontario where he spent the majority of his young life before moving to Southern Ontario when he began at Brock University. In the spring of 2020 Tyler completed his BA in Health and Human Services with a minor in psychology at Tyndale University.

Unlike Dan, Tyler has not written any books and does not teach any courses at a university. Tyler was an integral part in founding and organizing “The Free Meth Club” at Tyndale, where students from the Free Methodist background and churches could come, gather, socialize, and learn more about the Free Methodist denomination. Tyler now oversees and continues to organize “Free Meth” meetings for the students.

official board

Grapeview Church is overseen by a governance body that we call our Official Board. Congregational members are elected to serve terms of responsibility by church partners at our annual meeting. They are tasked with vision-casting and oversight of Ministry Teams who act upon the church’s vision and ministry plan. Board leaders are nominated from church partners who demonstrate a spirit of humility and dependence upon God. They are spiritually mature individuals who live exemplary lives in personal and public spheres. Their worldview and lifestyle are in harmony with the Scriptures and the teachings of the Free Methodist Church.


Dale Srigley (Board Chair)

Dale has been connected to Grapeview for more than 25 years. He is a retired auto industry worker with regular work now as a self-employed house painter and small repairs. Besides serving as the Chair of the Official Board, Dale leads one of our Worship Teams and facilitates a midweek LifeGroup. He says: “I like getting to know different people and learning from all the groups in our church.”

Phil Lawrence (Vice-Chair)

Phil has been an active lay leader at Grapeview since the early 1960s when he first moved to St Catharines. He and his wife Evelyn have led small groups, Marriage Encounter programs, and Phil has served as Treasurer in the past, as well as many other areas in the life of our church.

Diana Owusuaa (Secretary)

Diana has been involved at Grapeview since 2014, when she came from Ghana to study in St Catharines. She is a PhD student and currently works as a teaching/research assistant at Brock University. Besides her role on our Official Board, Diana is a member of the Welcoming and Worship teams. She says: “I like the multicultural nature of the church and the fact that everyone is welcomed to Grapeview with great smiles.” Diana and her husband Felix will soon be first-time parents!

Edward Anyan (Treasurer)

Edward came to Canada following his wife, Edna, and quickly became involved in life at Grapeview. Edward is a Geography major with a GIS Specialization. He works for the Niagara Parks Commission. Edward serves on one of our Worship Teams and leads prayer times and Lifegroups.

Edna Anyan (Delegate)

Edna has been involved at Grapeview since she came to St Catharines to study at Brock University. Edna is employed at Canada Revenue Agency. She serves as a teacher in our Children's Ministry and actively serves in several other practical areas. Edna is married to Edward Anyan and they have two young boys, Himon and Asher.

Evelyn Lawrence (Member)

Evelyn has been a regular attender at Grapeview since she began her teaching career in St Catharines in 1961. The first pastor, Rev. Carl Chatterton invited her to help with the newly formed congregation. Over the years Evelyn has led small groups, worked with children, served on the Daycare Committee and the Official Board, including as chairperson. She says: “I enjoy the warmth of the people here and the integration of different cultures.”

Ruth VandenBerg  (Member)

Ruth has been involved at Grapeview for more than 18 years. She works at Heritage Village in Vineland as administrator of the recreation clubhouse. Ruth has previous experience as a Business Education instructor/program manager for several colleges. Over the years Ruth has served in many areas of church life – worship ministry, small group leader, communications, children, admin – beside many years on the Official Board. She says: “Grapeview has been a place where I can serve and demonstrate my love for Christ.”


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