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worship at grapeview

Our Sunday worship gathering at Grapeview is a key connection point for our faith community. This is a time of celebration, reflection and re-focusing. It is a time to express our faith through singing songs and through prayer. Scripture is read and explained as we focus our attention on the good news of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ and what it means to walk in the Spirit as children of our loving Father. We follow the seasons of the Christian calendar and celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of each month.

What to expect when you visit

Our Facility

The main entrance to the church is via the double doors under the covered drive-through. When you enter, a short stairway down to the right will take you to our kids classroom area, as well as to male/female washrooms (an accessible unisex washroom is on main floor at back of auditorium). A short stairway up to the left will take you to the main floor foyer. To the left you will find our Snack n Chat Bistro with coffee and tea. To the right you will find the main auditorium and our nursery room.

grapeview platform.JPG
Our Program

Our music team begins by leading a song as people are gathering into the auditorium (about 10:30am). This is followed by a welcome and 2 or 3 more songs interspersed with prayer and the reading of a Psalm. The music leader will invite you to stand or sit from time to time.


There will be some communal announcements, as our children (up to Gr 5) leave for their time of worship and learning together on our lower level. Teachers and assistants accompany them to their own space. (more info below)


Another song and prayer of preparation time is followed by the morning message from our pastor, or other designated speaker (usually about 25-30 min). The music team will then lead a song that is often a response to the issues raised in the message. The pastor will pronounce a departing benediction. This is followed by an opportunity for further singing and prayerful reflection, as desired by individuals. The whole program is typically about 75 minutes.

On the first Sunday of each month, the serving of the Lord’s Supper is included as part of our program. We have an open table, meaning all persons who desire to live a godly life in relationship with Jesus are welcome to participate, no matter your church background. Children, accompanied by parents, are also welcome.

We will make reference to opportunities to contribute tithes and offerings (financial donations to the church budget and our charitable activities). An envelope may be deposited in a plate at the rear, or given through e-transfers.

Snack n Chat

Following the service, all are welcome to stay and join in conversation during out Snack n Chat time. There’s more coffee and tea, as well as savoury and sweet snacks to munch on. Pull up a chair and get to know someone. This is an essential element in building relationships across our differences.

What to wear?

We’re not very uptight about how people dress. You’ll find dress casual is pretty common. But you’re just as likely to see a 20-something wearing a jacket and tie, or a 50-something wearing shorts with shirt hanging out.

kids on Sunday

At Grapeview, your kids are a welcome part of our community. We want them to feel that way! They are welcome to stay with you through the morning program, or to join one of the opportunities mentioned below that begin after the opening segment.

Nursery (Newborn to 18 months)

A nursery with visible access to the auditorium is available where moms and dads can let their little one play or sleep – and even listen to the morning message through a speaker in the same room.

Grade Five and under

Following the opening worship segment in the auditorium, your children are invited to participate in a ‘kid friendly’ time on our lower level that better connects with their growing minds. We recognize that parents are their children’s primary spiritual guides, so our kids time serves as a supplement as you guide your children through the week.

We use crafts, activities, drama, games and creative resources to communicate the content of Bible stories, and to apply that content to their young lives. We recruit teachers who have a passion for children as we strive to help kids ask the right questions. Our goal is to help kids discern for themselves how faith is important as they grow. As would be expected, all teachers are police and vulnerable sector screened.

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