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Christian Formation

forming disciples of Jesus

At the conclusion of his earthly ministry, Jesus said, “go and make disciples.” The Greek word for “make” is the same word to describe a potter shaping or forming a piece of clay into a pot. Christian communities, then, need to be environments for the shaping, or forming, of Jesus-followers. All that we do at Grapeview is intended to “make disciples.”


Most of us have already been formed by the society and culture around us – to be self-interested consumers. The call to follow Jesus is a calling to an alternative way of being and acting, a conversion to a forgiving, grace-filled, self-less, orientation toward others. This “transformed worldview” does not happen naturally, a rival formation is required. At Grapeview we want to invite each person to enter into relationship with God through Jesus and create an environment for growth, transformation and service. This invitation to go deeper is discussed on this linked page.


There is something special about corporate worship on Sunday mornings, but meeting with a small group of people in somebody’s home helps us to connect and apply Sunday content in everyday life. The Greek word for “communal life” speaks of relationships that call for interdependence, recognizing our need for one another. In Acts 2:42-47, the life of the first disciples showed a trust connection with each other which allowed for the development of meaningful friendships and a sharing of life together.

Grapeview’s CONNECT Communities serve as a space where relationships have opportunity to be nurtured; where trust can be built, concerns can be shared, prayer can be offered, and one’s soul can be cared for. Away from the busyness of daily life, time is set apart as priority in one’s life.


It is in these intentional spaces of time that participants can pray for each other, seek personal and spiritual direction, be challenged to grow in their faith, and study God’s truth. All of this happens in safe environments where each group member values and respects the guidelines of trust. Somewhere in the process of meeting and sharing life together, the Holy Spirit clarifies what living in His abiding presence can look like.

John Wesley, founder of the Methodism movement, saw neighbourhood-based small groups as an opportunity for ‘holy conversation’ which he viewed as a ‘means of grace’. The Triune God lives in community—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—and so seeks the same depth of relational experience for us.

Contact us by phone or e-mail if you’re interested in finding out more, or if you would like to CONNECT with a group in your part of the city! There is always room for one more!

studies/discussion groups

At Grapeview we want to start wherever you are in your faith journey and come alongside you, seeking to point the way ahead, one milepost at a time. If one of our study groups fits your needs please be in touch to see when it is next offered.

If you are still inquiring about God or are new to the faith, 

we have discussion/discovery groups that will help you get answers and build your understanding and relationship with God.

If you have been a follower of Jesus for some time, 

and want to build deeper foundations in your knowledge and practice of Christian living, we have study groups that will take you deeper.

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