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Partnership course

why partner?

At Grapeview Church our community is made up of people at various levels of engagement. We have periodic attenders who are curious about who we are and what faith in Jesus might look like. We have those who are regular attenders, are Christian believers, and participate in our activities from time to time. We have those who are committed Christians and take an active role in the life of our church via various ministry involvements. They have chosen to partner with the values, vision and ministry goals of Grapeview Church. Finally, we have those active partners who take up significant ministry leadership roles

As might be expected, those who take an active role in our ministry life and decision-making processes, as a congregation, need to be in harmony with our way of believing and practicing the faith through our Methodist lens and organizational "methods." This Partnership Course is designed to introduce "our values" and "ways of doing things" -- for those who are considering joining our active ministry community.

Course resources


Session One: The Church -- Then & Now

Session Two: What's a Free Methodist?

Session Three: Changed Hearts/Changed Lives

Session Four: How Are We Organized?

Session Five: Grapeview -- A Healthy Church on Mission



Handbook for Joining the Ministry Community 

Video links

The Vision Thing

The Free Methodist Church in Canada -- 150 Years

The Journey to Wholeness in Jesus

What's a Healthy Church?

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